Setup + Install WordPress!

Install, set up and start a WordPress blog. [WordPress basics course]

"Great class. Excellent information. Took me from no idea to a published blog in 2 days! Thanks!" (5-star, Marcy).

"The content of this course is super informative and comprehensive. The instructor is one of the best. His delivery is great and understandable. A commendable instructor! Thank You." (5-star, Juliette Barredo)

This course walks a complete beginner through every step of setting up a WordPress blog at their own web-hosting account.

If you always wanted to create a WordPress blog, but thought the technical aspects of setting up a blog were too hard, this is the course for you.

Inside the course, I take nothing for granted. Every aspect of building a WordPress blog is explained in beginner's terms. I even take a step back and explain how to get a domain name and choose a web-host before moving on to Wordpress.

We look at three different auto-installers as well as manually installing WordPress, then we cover your first steps with WordPress, from creating a blog page and a blog post, to changing the theme and installing a plugin.

After taking this course you'll be excited to start your own WordPress blog, and will have the knowledge to do it!

Introduction to the course
Introduction to this section on installing WordPress
Automatic Install: Bluehost's WordpressTools
Automatic Install: Mojo Marketplace
Automatic Install: Installatron
Manual Installation Part One: Upload Using File Manager
Manual Installation Part Two: MySQL And Wordpress Installation
Introduction To FTP
Manual Installation Part Three: Using FTP Instead Of File Manager
Logging In To The Wordpress Dashboard
Cleaning Up The Wordpress Installation
Your First Wordpress Blog Page
Your First Wordpress Blog Post
Changing A Wordpress Theme Part One: Choosing And Installing Themes
Changing A Wordpress Theme Part Two: Is Your Theme Responsive?
Adding A Wordpress Plugin

What's included

  • 19 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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